A Review on Functionalized Graphene Sensors for Detection of Ammonia

Xiaohui Tang, Marc Debliquy, Driss Lahem, Yiyi Yan and Jean-Pierre Raskin


Since the first graphene gas sensor has been reported, functionalized graphene gas sensors have already attracted a lot of research interest due to their potential for high sensitivity, great selectivity, and fast detection of various gases. In this paper, we summarize the recent development and progression of functionalized graphene sensors for ammonia (NH3) detection at room temperature. We review graphene gas sensors functionalized by different materials, including metallic nanoparticles, metal oxides, organic molecules, and conducting polymers. The various sensing mechanism of functionalized graphene gas sensors are explained and compared. Meanwhile, some existing challenges that may hinder the sensor mass production are discussed and several related solutions are proposed. Possible opportunities and perspective applications of the graphene NH3 sensors are also presented.